Miltary-spec corrosion protection for your airframe.  Navguard was developed by the US Navy as a high performance corrosion preventive compound (CPC) for long term airframe use without the significant environmental effects of traditional CPCs.  Tested over multiple years at Navy, Army and Marine Corps sites (F/A-18, EA-6B, H-60, EFV).

Navguard is the most advanced CPC available for you aircraft and is the only product qualified under the US MIlitary's exacting MIL-PRF-81309F (Type II & IV).  Key benefits include: 

  • Reduced work load resulting from frequent maintenance Cost savings from the reduced work load
  • Reduced hazardous materials use
  • Improved worker safety
  • Reduced solvent emissions
  • Elimination of a heavy metal in the use of CPCs

Navguard Type I - general purpose grade with mildew inhibtor.

Navguard Type II - General purpose grade without mildew inhibitor

Navguard Type IV - Advanced corrosion preventive compound