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According to FAA Statistics, the average general aviation aircraft is more than 30 years old. As airplanes get older, the likelihood that they suffer from airframe corrosion increased dramatically. The symptoms may not be noticeable until the damage is done.

Corrosion is an insidiuous process, over time, eats away at airframes. It will consume metal, and may not be detected until severe damage has been done. Corrosion is nothing more than a metal’s predisposition to return to its natural state as an oxide.

The corrosion process requires all the elements of a battery – an anode, a cathode, an electrolyte and a path of current flow. Your airframe contains three of these elements. To make corrosion, just add moisture!
“Dry country” airplanes are no exception. It’s a rare airplane, indeed, that has never spent event a little time in rain, snow or a high-humidity environment. Even wide temperature swings – for example, at altitude versus on the ground – can condense and trap moisture that starts the corrosion process.
CorrosionX is used and endorsed by most major manufacturers in aviation and aerospace.

According to Army Aviation Magazine, CorrosionX Aviation was applied to half the Black Hawk Helicopters and half the Cobras that were bound for a certain desert deployment. Upon refurbishing the aircraft when they returned stateside, each treated helicopter cost an average of US$172,000 less to repair corrosion damage than each untreated aircraft. Total savings to the US Army was in excess of US$4 million. Under direction of the US Army, a well-respected private research firm conducted an extensive study on environmental protection of US Army aircraft. The conclusion of the study was a recommendation that the US Army use CorrosionX to protect ALL its aircraft.

So whether it’s a Cessna 150 or a C-130, CorrosionX is the product proven in the real world to protect your airplane and preserve your investment.

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