All Safe - 55 Gallons

FAST-ACTING, SYNTHETIC CONCRETE AND RUST REMOVER Vanish™ (formerly known as All Safe) works quickly like an acid to remove dried concrete, but it does so without many of the drawbacks associated with acid-based products. Unlike traditional acid-based products, Vanish Concrete and Rust Remover will not harm most paints, rubber or plastic, and it does not give off harmful fumes. It's much gentler on your equipment and drivers too! Features High potency formula dissolves concrete, mortar, calcium, lime and scale and rust No smoke, no fumes – can be used indoors Contains no hydrofluoric, glycolic, sulfuric or phosphoric acids Will not harm most vehicle paints, decals, wiring or hoses Also effective for removing rust. Speed: fast | Removes: 1/8" | Indoor Safe: non-fuming
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We're proud to be stocked in a number of specialty shops across the country.

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