Blast Off - 5 Gallon

Blast Off is a fast-acting, non hazardous concrete and rust remover. BLAST OFF Rust & Concrete Remover is a breakthrough in the nonhazardous removal of unwanted concrete residue and rust. It will not harm materials such as iron, steel, copper, brass, plastic, rubber or vinyl. Also effective for the removal of ‘bleeding rust’ from vehicles and painted equipment. Works quickly like an acid to remove dried concrete, but it does so without many of the drawbacks associated with acid-based products. Unlike traditional acid- based products, Blast Off will not harm paint, rubber or plastic, and it does not give off harmful fumes. It's much gentler on your drivers ! Also effective for removing rust. Very fast acting. Removes 3 mm of concrete Blast off begins working immediately, rust removal can be accelerated by brushing the treated surface with a soft bristle brush. Safe on skin No harmful fumes No acid Will not harm vehicle paint Will not harm wiring
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