Andax Inflatable Containment Tank (ICT)

The Andax Inflatable Containment Tank™ (ICT) is a compact spill containment pop-up pool that inflates in seconds to capture leaks and large spills. It can contain up to 100 gallons and fits inside a compact 14” x 16” x 3.5” carrying case. An inflation valve with a rip-cord allows for instant deployment using a CO2 cylinder with an insulator sleeve. The safety release valve automatically vents excess air. The pop-up containment pool is reusable and extra CO2 (Part # ICT-RC-38G) refills can be purchased. The carrying case incorporates a reload cylinder holder to store additional cylinders for multiple deployments. The ICT is perfect for anyone with limited storage space to contain a large spill in seconds. Visit for a full chemical compatibility list.
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