Rust Converter - 1 Litre

RUST CONVERTER & PROTECTIVE COATING / PRIMER Rust Reconverter LT stops further rusting of machinery, tools, vehicles, equipment, boats, metal buildings and more. No more scraping and painting rusted metal! RUST RECONVERTER LT chemically converts rust into a black organic complex while a clear acrylic coating is formed over the surface. When used indoors, the coating can last for years even without painting. When used outdoors or in high humidity applications, it should be painted over using an oil-based enamel or epoxy paint. Covers up to 500 square feet per gallon. The coating itself is sufficient to last for years, but it is also an excellent primer for latex, epoxy and oil-based paints. Rust Reconverter LT extends the life of anything made of ferrous metal or alloys. Removes rust and leaves a protective primer shell all in one quick and easy step! rust converter Rusted floor lift painted with Rust Reconverter LT Rust Reconverter LT A customer sent us this photo of a rusty piece of equipment being rehabilitated quickly and efficiently with a coat of Rust Reconverter LT Rust Reconverter LT is a water based paint. Eliminates the need for sanding rusty surfaces !It chemically converts rust into a hard, black, organic “shell’ with a clear, acrylic coating. This Rustreconverter is not just a primer ! The coating is water proof in most applications and does not necessarily have to be top coated. It CAN be topcoated with pretty much any paint and is known to not need a stain-blocker. Highly cost efficient making for fast results. Great For: Any rusted ferrous metal surface that can be painted Ships and workboats Water treatment and sewage processing equipment and facilities Commercial swimming pools and resorts HVAC systems Metal structures and buildings
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